That’s me to the left. I’m in love with weddings and photographs, and decided to make the two my vocation after a life changing event. After my lovely Mum died, I realised just how important photographs are. And my wedding photos became especially precious. This is why I love the job I do, and what drives me on your wedding day or when I’m capturing your loved ones.┬áMemories are so precious and I want to give them to you to hold forever with beautiful photographs that are full of heart and joy.

When I’m not on an adventure with my camera I can be found in the Wiltshire countryside where I live with my husband and our little blonde boy. I’m a foodie always on the search for the perfect roast potato, and I love champagne and lazy Sundays with family and friends.

I am in love with

New York City

there is nothing better than

a sunday roast

I'm a bit obsessed with


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