Christmas Mini Sessions Terms & Conditions

Below are the terms and conditions under which Lydia Stamps Photography shall provide photography services to you. It is mutually agreed that the following terms of agreement form an integral part of this contract and that no variation or modification of this contract shall be effective unless accepted by both Lydia and You, in writing.

Before you make a booking you shall read the terms and conditions below.

1. Services Provided

1.1 Lydia agrees to undertake a portrait shoot for the client. The £65 shoot fee covers both Lydia’s expertise and time on location for half an hour as well as the required editing and post production of your images and twenty pounds credit to spend in your online gallery store. The credit can be put towards prints or digital downloads only.

1.2 The client agrees to arrive at the agreed meeting place promptly. Due to the nature of the sessions delays are unable to be accommodated. If you are more than ten minutes late the session will be considered cancelled.

1.3 Lydia shall edit the resulting photographs; in the event that you require any additional editing or post processing to be undertaken above and beyond the included post production (for example, removals in Photoshop or similar) then an additional fee may be incurred which will be agreed with you before the additional editing takes place.

1.4 The images will be presented to you in an online viewing gallery which you can use to choose which images you wish to have printed (the session includes three prints free of charge). You may also purchase any additional images or products if you wish. The gallery will remain online for up to four weeks. After this time an archiving fee of £50 will be payable if you wish the gallery to be made available to you again.

1.5 If you choose to purchase image downloads these will be high-resolution digital files. You are responsible for ensuring that the digital files are safely stored upon delivery or collection, once delivered Lydia is under no obligation to store or maintain copies of the files. Lydia recommends that you store them in at least two different places.


2. Payment & Cancellation

2.1 The full fee of £65 is due upon booking.

2.2 No refunds or exchanges will be offered unless Lydia is able to fill your session from the waiting list.

2.3 In the event that Lydia is unable to full fill the booking through illness, injury or circumstance liability is limited to a full refund of any monies paid.

2.4 Delivery fees for products purchased via the online gallery store are set by the supplier and not Lydia Stamps Photography. Lydia Stamps can not be held responsible for delays or errors by the supplier.

2.5 The responsibility of Lydia and any photographic processing or printing, postal and delivery agents, assistants or employees, to compensate the client in the case of cancellation, negligence or breach of contract is limited to the total cost for the client of their booking only.

3. Artistic Licence

Lydia shall be granted creative and artistic licence in relation to the Photographs. Lydia’s judgement on photographic style and the number of images taken shall be deemed correct. Due to the weather and a variety of factors outside of Lydia’s control, no one image is guaranteed.

4. Copyright

4.1 The entire copyright of the Photographs is retained by Lydia at all times throughout the world.

4.2 Lydia may like to use the photographs to promote her own business, by accepting the booking you agree she may do so on social media and in her website portfolio. You duly acknowledge, that Lydia may use any or all of the photographs for any purposes throughout the world.

5. Use

5. 1 You shall have right to use the Photographs for your own private purposes which in the case of image downloads may include re-printing & enlarging them, uploading to Facebook or other similar social media websites etc.

5. 2 This Licence only applies to you and its benefit shall not be assigned to any third party without Lydia’s prior written consent.

5.3 The images may not be used for commercial purposes at any time. This includes to promote make up artists, locations, clothing etc.

5.4 Manipulation or editing of any image including the use of instagram filters is prohibited.

6. Law

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of England & Wales.


I have read and fully understand these terms and conditions and realise that this contract becomes effective immediately upon purchase of a session.