it’s all about me you

Aren’t bios the worst? In this section, I could bang on about myself. About how old I was when I first held a camera in my hands, or how many pets I have (two, a dog named Dotty and a grumpy old cat named Edie), but I won’t. Or maybe I will.

In fact, I definitely will. Strap in.

OK, first and most important thing: I love weddings. I just do. The anticipation, the decor & fashion, the jangly nerves, I love all of it. I’m a real people person (which helps) and just get a real kick out of seeing everything come together on the day.

the serious bit

Photos and proper albums are super important and I’ll tell you why. When you lose someone very close to you relatively young (*raises hand*), you realise very quickly that you’ll never have enough photos of them. Life can change in the blink of an eye and all we really have are memories, so it’s a good idea to make some beautiful ones right now and commit them to film. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t cherish their parents’ wedding album. It’s so important to have memories that you can actually hold in your hands.

I’m a creative type

My motto is love what you do and do what you love. I like colour and light and chaos. I ditched a terrible office job to be a photographer and, truly, I can only recommend it.

Seeing a couple laugh out loud or well up when I show them their photos from their wedding day is one of those unmatchable feelings that you just don’t experience in many walks of life.

You certainly don’t get that feeling while analyzing a spreadsheet, lemme tell you.

what's in a name?

My maiden and professional last name is “Stamps” but my married name is actually “Evans”. Stamps is just the tiniest bit more memorable, plus it pleases my feminist soul to hold onto my maiden name in at least one capacity. It also makes me think of stamps on postcards from Cornwall, which is always nice.

new york


savoury for life

I have a thing for Salt ‘n’ Vinegar crisps. They’re just so…yum. Don’t try to tell me Cheese & Onion are better. You’re wrong.

these crazy kids

let's hang out online*

(But not in a weird way)

I love a bit of social scrolling. Not gonna lie. Have been known to go down an Insta Reel rabbit hole from time to time. 

But it is also where I take a lot of inspiration from other creators and where you can see my latest work, and stories behind the scenes at shoots or featuring my dog!  Wanna hang out?