bringing all the wedding joy with added sparkle

You put a ring on it! YAY! As the Champagne headache retreats and that happy wedding planning buzz sets in, you’ll be wondering what to do about a photographer. Permit me to solve that one for you right here and now…

joyful wedding images for couples who want to relax into the best day of their lives*

(without worrying about the photography)





you’ve found lydia

And I’m so pleased you have!

A warm welcome from sunny Salisbury (just kidding, Salisbury is rarely sunny) and me, Lydia, your new fave photographer. I shoot beautiful, natural, warm, relaxed wedding photography that makes people smile. A lot.

think low-key wedding ninja passing for a real guest…

Finding a wedding photographer can be a headache. There are a LOT of us out there and it can be hard to tell the difference between awesome and average.

My best advice? Choose someone whose work you love, and who seems fun to hang out with (you’re gonna be spending a lot of time with them on your big day).


Just stunning photos.
We love them!

Just stunning photos.
We love them!

your day

I’m going to take a stab in the dark here and say that super traditional wedding photography isn’t exactly your bag? The whole posing stiffly for hours on end thing isn’t really how you want to spend your day.

Good news! I’ve no interest in that either.

musical statues are for kids’ parties, not weddings…

I want to see you having the time of your life. I want to see hugging, laughing, crying, smiling, chatting. I want to see bridesmaids cackling and aunties gossiping.

I want to see your guests drinking a bit too much and caring far too little about their dance moves. Wedding days, for me, are about joy, flow and that genuine connection between people.

psst. you might have seen me in…


let’s talk

photo fear

Hate having your photo taken? I feel you. And you are not alone. Lots of people get The Fear when in front of a camera. But worry not, my lens-swerving friend, for I am the master of setting people at ease in front of the camera.

Ten minutes with me, and you’ll be happy, comfortable and I’ll have snapped tons of gorgeous photos without you even noticing.


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just bring yourselves

(but seriously do, otherwise it’ll be awkward)