Making Your Skill Visible With a Brand Shoot

Mar 7, 2023 | Branding

As business owners it’s often hard to convey the hours of work behind the scenes which go into delivering our service or product. This is something brand photography can do for you. It can make your skill and hard work visible to your customers or ideal clients. It sets you aside from your competitors, elevates your brand and justifies your price point. Don’t keep your skill a mystery behind closed doors, shout it from the roof tops! It’s your USP.

I often think I went into photography as I’m a frustrated artist. What I could never quite convey with my hands I can capture on camera, and so I have the most respect for artists and designer/makers. Seeing behind the closed doors of an artist’s workshop is such a privilege and absolutely fascinating.

For this reason I absolutely loved this branding shoot for Wiltshire based accessories designer Victoria Fergusson. I’ve shot campaign images for Victoria’s handmade bridal accessories for several years and I was so thrilled when she booked me to capture some new headshots for her brand.

Victoria’s studio near Salisbury is lovely and light, and so it was the perfect location choice for her shoot to capture both lovely light fresh headshots as well as some images of her at work.

Showing a Skilled Artist At Work

We started by capturing some relaxed portraits of Victoria at her desk which is beautifully lit by the window. Victoria’s accessories are beautiful, but I think what makes them really special is the love and care that goes into each handmade piece as Victoria hand beads and sews every item herself. In a world of mass produced, factory made products this really sets her brand apart and so showing this to her clients is really important. I really love the close up details of her hands at work, and the tools of the trade, which while mundane to Victoria are fascinating to her potential clients.

overhead view of Victoria Fergusson making jewellery at her desk

Creating Social Media Talking Points

Brand shoots aren’t just about new headshots and bio photos. They’re a great opportunity to give you images to use as talking points on your social media accounts. Here you can see several things Victoria wanted to have in her ‘bank’ of images ready to use.

  1. An image of her on instagram/using social media
  2. Sources of inspiration for her designs – a book of classic tiaras and costume jewellery
  3. Having a coffee break in the kitchen
  4. Sterilising jewellery with a UV light
a woman holds a phone in her hands and browses instagram
A UV light is used on jewellery which sterilises it

Detail Shots

As well as headshots and some social media talking points I took some detail shots around the workshop of her products and tools. Which will be helpful stock photography to have for website or e-mail out use.

bridal hair pins and accessories by Victoria Fergusson Accessories  lie on a sideboard.

Do you have a skill which should be more visible to your customers?

If you’d like some similar photography for your business or are in need a new headshot feel free to browse my branding photography portfolio here. Or get in touch here to grab a brochure with more information about my brand photography packages.


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