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Mar 7, 2023 | Branding

Brand shoots aren’t just for individuals. I shoot headshots and branding images for all sorts of small businesses in the Wiltshire area. So if you’re more than a one man band and have a small team you might enjoy this blog of photos from my branding session with Salisbury based architecture firm Esdon Architecture. This firm were in need of some images of their team for their website, as well as some imagery they could have in stock to use on their site, e-mails and social media. In just an hour we captured a wide variety of images for them to use time and time again.

The Location

The Location

Their office in Salisbury city centre was the obvious choice for this branding session as we wanted to show off their new space. As it’s an old shop I was able to make good use of the huge window and meeting area at the front. This gave us lots of lovely natural light to work with to create the light, fresh aesthetic which I love all my photography to have.

The meeting space at Esdon Architecture in their Salisbury offices. A while table and chairs against a moss covered wall.

Photos for Social Media & Stock Photographs

To give them some great content to use on social media and e-mail outs we set up some shots of the team at work together to get both some natural images and also some detail shots too. Images like this are great to have on file to use almost like stock photography so you’ll always have photos you can use to feed the always hungry social media beast! Having images like this also gives your audience and potential clients a really good feel for your brand and an isight into the day to day workings of your business. What’s mundane to you – team meetings, drawing designs, is probably of real interest to your potential clients.

Group Photos

It was important to show the whole team together in some shots to show the growth of the firm as well as getting across how well they all work together on projects. As well as some traditional shots of them looking at the camera, we also set. up some shots of them at work, and also some more unusual group poses. I love how these came out.

Team branding photo of architects at work in Salisbury office.
The team of architects at Esdon Architecture gathered around the meeting table.


We shot a variety of individual headshots of each team member as well as group shots of them all together. I worked quickly on the individual shots, and left these until last so by this time all the team were familiar with me and had relaxed into the shoot. The more relaxed you are, the better the results will be!

In need of similar brand photography or headshots for your business?

Drop me a line here to grab a brochure. I’d love to hear more about your business and how I can help you be more visible to your potential clients by creating you a wide range of images to use time and time again. I’m based in Salisbury but work all over Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset.


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