My top Five All time Favourite Wedding Bouquets

Apr 16, 2020 | planning tips

wild rustic wedding bouquets by Jenni Bloom Flowers

As a wedding photographer shooting weddings across Hampshire, Wiltshire and the whole of the South for almost ten years I’ve seen a lot of wedding flowers. The flowers are my favourite part of the day, they really contribute to the atmosphere & tone and mark the style of the wedding. I think if I ever gave up photography I’d want to have a second career as a florist. There are so many styles of floristry out there, just like photography, but the wild, undone, rustic flowers have remained popular for so long. As I’m sat here in lock down, dreaming of shooting wedding bouquets again, I thought I’d put together this post to pay homage to some of my favourite bouquets and the most incredibly skilled florists who brought them to life. I hope it provides a little inspiration, or at least a little pretty for your eyes!

1. Pastel Dream Bouquet by Jenni Bloom

I mean, you’re probably all sick of this bouquet, because I can’t get enough of it, and I use photos of it wherever I can at every opportunity! (Sorry, not sorry) Jenni created this bouquet for Laura last summer and I don’t think I’ve ever delivered so many photos of a bouquet as Laura and Jason got in their set of wedding photos. It’s incredible. Bigger is always better in my opinion when it comes to bouquets and the shape of this bouquet was so unique.

Jenni Bloom is one of the most talented florists I’ve ever seen. If I know Jenni is flowering a wedding I know it will be good. Jenni is one of a kind at creating the most incredible flower palettes. If you follow her on instagram you’ll know she often puts together colours that make you think “that should not work, but it really, really does”. Jenni was the first person I saw recommend asymmetric flower instillations rather than the traditional flower arch, before it was even a thing. She’s always pushing the boundaries. Her flowers are always surprising, wild and untamed and jaw droppingly beautiful.

wild undone rustic wedding bouquet in pastel colours by Jenni Bloom Flowers

2. Colour Burst Shower Bouquet by The White Horse Flower Co.

Lindsey from The White Horse Flower Company created this incredible hand tied shower bouquet for Oenone on her wedding day last year. I see a lot of white, pink or pale bouquets and I love it when a bride chooses all out colour, and so my heart leapt when I clapped eyes on this incredible bouquet.

I also love the fact that this bouquet could be worn two ways, either with the shower facing down as shown in the first photo or cradled along the arm as shown in the second image.

Lindsey and I work together frequently as we’re both recommended suppliers at Clock Barn in Hampshire. Whenever I arrive on a wedding morning and see her van there I’m delighted as I know I’m going to love photographing whatever beauty she creates. I had a few of her bouquets shortlisted for this list, but wanted to keep to one entry per florist. But I could have made a top five just from Lindsey’s work. Every single bouquet really is a work of art. Her style is rustic and romantic and Lindsey is also one of the loveliest people in the world, I feel I’d be well taken care of as a bride in her hands.

3. Mexican Inspired Bouquet by Bramble & Wild

This bouquet put together by the lovely Grace from Bramble and Wild is still one of my favourites, 5 years after it was created. My friend Maddie has a love for all things Mexican and asked Grace to create something inspired by the country to fit with her day, which was full of cactuses, Mexican food & drinks and a mariachi band of course!

I love the clashing colours of this bouquet, as well as the unusual yellow orchids and the addition of red chillis, which you can just see poking out, bottom left.

If you haven’t been to Bramble and Wild, it’s a beautiful shop in Frome, which is a gorgeous little town full of lovely independent boutiques and it’s famous (and HIUGE!) artisan market on the first Sunday of each month. Whenever I’m in Frome Bramble & Wild is a must visit shop for plants & jam jar posies, as well as lovely decorative items and cosmetics. Grace also leads fabulous workshops too. Book early for her Christmas wreath one, it’s my personal fave (I think I’ve done it at least four times!) and always a sell out!

4. Autumn Beauty by Eden Blooms

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Eden Blooms a few times over the years and their work is always different but beautiful each time. A personal favourite of mine has to be this Autumn bouquet they made for a Clock Barn wedding in October a few years back.

October is becoming one of my busiest months, and more and more popular for weddings. It’s a wonderful month to choose really deep, warm, sumptuous colours for your flowers and Pippa choose to do just that. Look at the beautiful jewel purples, mixed with that hot pink and the pale dusky shades. Just beautiful. The table flowers were teamed with copper lanterns to stunning effect.

5. Christmas Crimson Bouquet by Amamini Flowers

Forgive me for saying it but red might be almost be considered a little cliche for a Christmas wedding. But there’s usually a reason things become cliche, and in this case it’s because it works so well. But rather than the obvious plain red roses for a Christmas wedding from Amamini Flowers created this incredibly beautiful crimson bouquet for Katy’s December wedding.

I absolutely love the texture in this bouquet. And how the different hues of red, the dark alongside the strong brights work so well. When I saw Katy’s champagne, almost blush coloured sequinned dress I assumed she might have chosen a white bouquet, another popular winter choice. I’m so glad she went with the colour. If you’ve read this whole post, by now you’ll know I love colour, and I love clashing colours even more and the combination of the soft pastel dress clashing with the bright flowers was divine and so dramatic.


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