Well, somehow another December has rolled around before I even had a moment to catch my breath it seems. And somehow, every year, choosing the best images of the year always seems like an impossible task. I feel like I have to start this post by saying, this list is not exhaustive. This year, in 2019, I shot tens of thousands of photographs at twenty five beautiful weddings. Choosing just a handful is like trying to choose favourite children. The first ‘long’ short list included over one thousand photographs, and I’ve whittled it down to a more palatable one hundred and thirty ish. I could have added so many more.

When I look back at these photographs, it makes me fall in love with my job all over again. All these precious little moments, frozen in time. These are the ones I love so much. The ones I love giving to you. In this selection you won’t find many detail shots, the ones that always stand out from the year gone by are the ones full of emotion, or anticipation, or maybe the things that are seemingly insignificant but that added up all together make your wedding day. The perfect rain drops on the car window, your husband holding your tulle skirt as you walk over wet ground,  the way it blew in the wind so beautifully, the final adjustment to your shoe strap to make sure they’re not too tight, your mum’s bare feet on a pebble beach. It’s obvious that as a wedding photographer it’s my job to capture the first kiss, the speeches, but these in between moments are always the ones my eye, and my heart is drawn to.

I’m so excited for all my 2020 couples who can almost say ‘we’re getting married this year’. I’ve got some really awesome weddings in the diary, including a little jaunt over to France in June. If you’re here because you’re on the hunt for a photographer I’m now filling my diary for 2021/22. My 2020 availability is now extremely limited, though I do have some space in September or November so don’t hesitate to drop me a line and check my availability.

Thank you to each of you for making 2019 another incredible year for me.  Thank you for opening up your most intimate moments so fully to me, for dancing, laughing and crying with me, for wading into corn fields with me, for bundling yourself into my dirty car for a post dinner adventure with me …. for trusting me so fully, and letting me in to capture all the joy, emotion and love. It fills me up more than you’ll ever know.  Now let’s enjoy some reminiscing shall we?

bride reaching for wedding dress at swynford manor, photo by Lydia Stamps Photographybride having make up applied photo by Lydia Stamps Photographybride having make up done at coworth park hotel photo by Lydia Stamps Photographybride walking along the grand stair case at Grittleton House wedding venue in Wiltshire photo by Lydia Stamps Photographybride adjusting Jimmy Choo wedding shoes photo by Lydia Stamps PhotographyBride and Groom taking a walk at Casterley Barn photo by Lydia Stamps PhotographyBride and groom on Osborne Beach Isle of Wight at their wedding photo by Lydia Stamps PhotographyBride and Groom at a drinks reception at Hayne House wedding venue Kenta bride and her friends gathered in the doorway of Burley Manor wedding venue in the new forestbride and groom doing the horah Jewish wedding dance on the beach at Osborne House Isle of Wighttwo grooms walk hand in hand at Salisbury registry officedrinks reception in the orangery at Grittleton House, wedding venue in Wiltshirebride and groom sit in cornfield at Southend Barns at sunset

Featured venues include: Avington Park, The Barn at Avington, Burley Manor, Clock Barn, The Cosy Club Salisbury, Grittleton House, Hayne House, Lainston House, Osborne House, The Royal Crescent Hotel Bath, Southend Barns, Syrencot.

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