Three and a half minutes of Joy

Jan 21, 2018 | Best of, featured weddings, personal posts

guests laughing at wedding with bride

Shooting weddings you bear witness to and capture many, many, tiny, fleeting, moments. (See my one hundred moments from 2017 here.) You see the whole spectrum of human emotions. There is anticipation, sometimes there are nerves and anxiety, sometimes stress, and sometimes sadness too; above all there is love. But my favourite of all of them to capture has to be the joy. The absolute joy which spills over on wedding days, which is totally infectious and keeps me doing my job. It’s addictive.

The joy starts from the moment your other half proposes and runs through everyone until the day and after. It’s in your parents when you call them to tell the news, your very best mate who was there through all the single ex dramas, your childhood friend when you asked her to be a bridesmaid, your partner’s expression when they pronounce you married, your uncle cracking up at some silly photo shown around during the speeches. It’s the friend who gets in the jaeger bombs at the bar, your aunt getting down to the band. Joy my friend, spilleth over at a wedding and it’s what’s got me itching for my twenty eighteen weddings.

So, I wanted to share a little snap shot of this joy with you. And if you’re engaged give you a little flavour of the joyful moments you have to look forward to. So I popped together a slideshow of some more of my favourite moments from last year, but this time I only chose the moments which said JOY.




Update: I have just five spaces left for weddings in 2018 so if you would like me to capture all the joy of your wedding day please get in touch.



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