Twenty Twenty One

Dec 15, 2021 | Best of, featured weddings

Twenty twenty one. As the year comes to a close I always enjoy looking back on what’s past. It’s been some what of a rollercoaster am I right? Back at the start of the pandemic, I just assumed 2021 would be a normal year again even if covid didn’t disappear at the strike of midnight on New Year’s Eve, but we started the year with yet another lock down and yet more uncertainty about what this all meant for weddings.

It was really tough for all my couples, especially those with Spring weddings trying to work out whether to postpone, and if so when to postpone to? Or whether to go for a micro wedding. In the end restrictions drastically shortened wedding season which usually runs in full force from April, but I didn’t shoot a single wedding until June when restrictions still limited us to seated drinks receptions and guest lists of no more than thirty. The very first wedding I shot this year, the bride’s family had flown all the way from Chile, only to be told they had isolate due to a passenger on their plane testing positive. It was heart breaking. And there were guests missing from almost every wedding this year whether due to the ‘pingdemic’ or a positive LFT.

Covid continues to impact us all, but somehow I managed to make it through the shortened season (I shot about a year’s worth of weddings in just four months!) without missing a single wedding; which is somewhat miraculous when your job entails coming into close contact with about one hundred new people each week! And as restrictions eased in the summer months, man, the weddings I was lucky enough to shoot this year were among some of the most joyful I have ever witnessed.

Say what you want about covid and lockdowns, we’re all bloody fed up with it, but it’s all made us so grateful for the things we used to take for granted. Almost every couple I shot this year had had their own crazy journey to make it to their wedding. And it’s seemed all the more special, when couples have finally reached their day on their third try, or just pulled it off just as they hoped in spite of it all. And to be there with you and bear witness, and capture all of those emotions and all of that joy….well, it is just the biggest privilege to me. The small moments like finally coming together with your besties, a hug with your Nana, turning to see the unmasked faces of your parents after you’ve said your vows, and of course, a jam packed heaving dance floor. The dance floors have truly been next level. These are the things I just love to capture. It has been a roller coaster, but also a very special year.

For me personally it’s also been a special year, as we welcomed baby Ivy into our family in late October. The sleepless nights have been a bit of a shock to the system but we’re all settling in well to life as a family of four and can’t wait for our first Christmas. Thank you to everyone for being so patient waiting for emails or album designs while I’m taking some very precious maternity leave, which is tough as a freelance one man band!

But back to the weddings…,I want to share some of my favourite moments of twenty twenty one. As always with my annual year in review posts it’s so hard, I could have chosen another one hundred photos for this post because each day has been just so special. The images I like to show you here are those little moments, often in between the big ones, the small interactions and looks, and big laughs and big shapes on the dance floor, I hope you enjoy them.

Finally I want to say a massive thank you to all my couples who have been a delight to deal with, who have been understanding of me, and my situation during all this as well as managing their own stresses. I really do get to work with the very best couples and I’m so grateful.

2021, there’s been some lows, but man the highs have been the highest.

bride having shoes put on by bridesmaid in the honeymoon suite at Syrencot wedding venue near Salisbury photo by Lydia Stamps Photography

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Wedding venues shown include in no particular order: Clock Barn / Syrencot / Northbrook Park / Highcliffe Castle / Larmer Tree Gardens / Wasing Park / The Montague Arms Beaulieu / Hatch House / Pythouse Kitchen Garden / Brinsop Court / Chalk Barn

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  1. Hannah

    Absolutely smashed it mate!! What a wonderful collection.


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