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Dec 21, 2022 | Best of

Well, here we are. Christmas has come around again. And when each one comes (and somehow it’s always faster than the last) I find myself looking back on the photos I’ve taken during the year that’s gone by. It’s been another incredible year. 31 shoots including portraits across three countries. One thing I notice is that the images I’m drawn to share in this annual blog post of my ‘best’ are never the polished ones. As much as I love them it’s never the decor details, the flowers, the perfect make up shot or the couple shots with the most incredible backdrops. My favourites time and time again, year after year are always the little in between moments.

The little moments are what makes my heart sing. Capturing the moments which are gone in a flash brings me more joy than the big events of the day. I mean, the first kiss and the walk down the aisle are important but it’s the little in betweens that bring me the joy. Some times people ask if I ever get bored of weddings after twelve years as a photographer but the truth is I don’t because these little moments add up to make every wedding day unique.

The emotion you express with a shared glance, the tear you wipe from your cheek, the look of ‘wahhhh!!!!’ you give your Dad as you go off to your ceremony, a peacock wandering past your uncle as he sleeps on a bench, the guest who strips during dinner (no really- keep scrolling for that!) or your Grandad sat at the edge of the dance floor taking it all in. I live for it all.

Thank you so much to each of you who have chosen me to capture your best days this year. I truly love my job, and most of all I love that you put your trust me, and let me into your gang for the day. That truly lets me do the very best job I can for you and I do not take it for granted. I am forever grateful to been a part of your story and I hope you’ll treasure looking back on these for years and years.

So, here’s some of my favourite moments of the year. I could have chosen a thousand more. Indeed, my first ‘SHORT list’ had over one thousand photos in it! Enjoy a scroll through some of my favourite moments of 2022, I’m raising a glass to you my loves and to all of you who have booked me for 2023. I can’t wait to capture your moments.

Venues shown include: Antrobus House, Clock Barn, Fonthill Estate, Hotel Royal Victoria in Verena Italy, Kimbridge Barn, Millbridge Court, The Montagu Arms, Northbrook Park, Rhinefield House, Syrencot

bride getting ready in the honeymoon suite at Syrencot wedding venue near Salisbury photo by Lydia Stamps Photography
first look with the bridesmaids in the billiard room at Syrencot photo by Lydia Stamps Photography
bride and groom hug during an outdoor ceremony at Syrencot wedding venue near Salisbury photo by Lydia Stamps Photography

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